California Governor Announces Western Grid Integration as a Priority

May 19, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced his intention to work with the “legislature, California stakeholders, and our partners in other states to advance this important effort on enhanced regional collaboration,” and expressed his appreciation to Assemblymember Chris Holden for his leadership on this issue. 

Support from the governor on enhanced regional collaboration is welcome news. NRDC supports integration of the western electricity grid as a crucial tool in our climate crisis–fighting tool belt that would enable California to work with its neighbors to boost renewable energy production, deliver reliable electricity, and reduce the costs of dispatching clean electricity for the entire western region. 

We have previously expressed our support on this matter through the current vehicle for regionalization in the California legislature, Assembly Bill (AB) 538, stating the bill would start the transition toward a fully integrated western electricity grid.

That transition is now officially underway. With Governor Newsom highlighting this important issue as an effort that “will benefit all the West,” we look forward to continuing the work with partners and stakeholders to bring western grid integration to fruition.

Image source: NREL