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Smooth Sailing for Colette Honorable at Confirmation Hearing before the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee

December 5, 2014

By Jennifer Chen, NRDC Alum

Colette Honorable, President Obama’s nominee to fill the empty seat at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, charmed the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee at her confirmation hearing yesterday. Every senator speaking had something nice to say to her. Honorable’s position as a moderate and ability to recognize diverse state interests served her well, as she deftly navigated questions on topics as various as smart grid technology, coal stockpiles and transportation, the need for new infrastructure, LNG exports, and hydropower rates. More universal were the themes of safeguarding reliability and building resiliency, fair rates for consumers, preserving resource diversity, and how much FERC should be involved in regional markets. A number of senators noted that Honorable’s confirmation is not a question of if but when; the senators hope to have her confirmed before Congress wraps up this year.

Honorable’s opening statement is available here.